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Stakeholder or stake holder - a short course in identifying your stakeholders and the influence they have in promoting or killing off your project, here

Articles Written by Alan Wood

Pitfalls of Percentages - First published at the Law Society Gazette website

Percentages are the most common statistics which lawyers encounter in daily working life. You need to be confident of case facts and recognise potentially incomplete detail or evidence in order to defend your clients' best interests.

Beware the Decimal Point - A branding issue - First published at B2B

Clarity and competence are basic principles which undergird a positive brand definition in the minds of both customers and business colleagues. In practice, clarity and competence can mean getting simple things right in order to make life easier for current clients and enquirers, and retaining or building an attractive brand reputation. This includes the straightforward presentation of numbers, whatever the media.

Clear Thinking Clear Profit and CTCP (tm) are titles of a management consultancy and law training resource

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