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How Analytical Thinking works for Businesses

Creativity is like the employment which generates the money for the household budget. Critical thinking is like checking those direct debits and other expenses to cut down unnecessary waste. Increasing the income and decreasing the outgoings are both needed for a balanced budget. Creativity and critical thinking are both needed for a truly effective, efficiently run business.

So many people look at how their family or business expenditures seem greater than their incomes and automatically think, "I need more money". But the books would balance much better each month if they also thought, "How can I avoid expensive mistakes and cut down my spending". So many of us think of ways of boosting income but fail to rationalise what we have already got or are doing.

There are so many 'How To' and 'Instant Success' books and consultants out there in the marketplace but there is very little about Critical Thinking as an invaluable tool for effective management, avoiding wasted effort and costs. Just because others handicap themselves with shallow understanding does not mean you have to do the same.

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